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09:30am 31/12/2004
mood: busy
I wanted to come back and see if Livejournal has changed any. I've been spending most of my time on myspace because you can do a lot more things with your journals. I've forgotten how basic livejournal is.

The Beavers dominated the Irish (surprise surprise.) I never knew how bias ESPN really was until I watched the game. Sure, the Pac10 is kind of weak (just look at what cal did against texas tech,) but there's always two teams playing a football game. They showed nothing but Irish fans and their damn mascot.

Lets see what Arizona state can do against Purdue and if USC can really pull through for the pac10.
It's only the start of everything   
09:10am 29/09/2004
mood: weird
I'm not really as motivated for school as I was last year. Should I be worried about this?
Gag me with a wooden spoon   
01:32pm 24/09/2004
mood: content
I wish that classes would start already. Check this out:

OSU count down: 4 days   
07:42pm 19/09/2004
mood: excited
Yesterday my family took Julie to see the OSU vs New Mexico football game. It was raining, cold, and windy, and I hope that she really did have a good time. I had a good time just because I love OSU football, but I know that she's not that big of a football fan and I know that she gets cold really easily. OSU finally won the first game of the season putting them

I'm really getting excited about moving back to Corvallis. Sure, i will miss julie a lot, and yes sometimes there is nothing to do at that school...but I'm really excited to meet new people and get back into the swing of things.

Maybe when school starts i'll have more to write about.

Right now i'm really not motivated.
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Brown Eyed susannnnnnn   
07:54pm 16/09/2004
mood: giggly
You're "You're So Last Summer", you're
always hoping for the best, but in the end you
just get walked all over.

Which taking back sunday song are you?
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About a week left   
06:50pm 15/09/2004
mood: nervous
It's been a while since i've updated. I've been pretty busy with work, hanging out, and spending time with Julie.

My last day of work is on friday and I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes that place really really pisses me off and annoys me, but it's got its perks to it. Working with certain people always makes it fun. Earlier in the summer was the best, but we always got yelled at for doing nothing. Too many college kids working and no one really cared what happened because we were only working there for the summer. Bales also gave me something to do with my time and that made summer go by really fast. The paychecks were also really nice. I made over $2,000 this summer.

I can't believe that i'm heading back to Corvallis in a week. I have mixed emotions about it. I'm really excited to get back into the swing of things and see people that I havent seen all summer, but i'm nervous about the living arrangements. I hope my new roommate is a really cool girl and is just easy going. I dont expect to be the best of friends with her, but i would like at least a friendship with her. I'm also not really looking forward to all the stress of studying, mid-terms, and finals. I have three terms ahead of me. That's a lot of tests, papers, and studying. I might go crazy.

I was questioning myself as to if I would be playing lax again this year. I figure that I will seeing how it's just for fun anyways. Sometimes I just get frusterated because the team isnt that organized. We don't have a coach, theres no solid way to regulate playing time, and I don't really feel like i'm improving as a player. The one thing that I have gotten out of the team is a way to meet people who have the same type of personality as me. Those girls are great, but sometimes they can be a little too much.

Over all I am looking forward to what this year has to offer me. New friends, new experiences, and new chances.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Are you for real?   
08:06pm 04/09/2004
mood: disappointed
I can't believe the kicker just lost the game for OSU. What an amazing game. The Beavers almost took out the #3 team.

On another note...

I'm tired of weirdos calling my cell phone. Perhaps it's time to change the number..and stop giving it out.
It's been a while   
03:49pm 01/09/2004
mood: content
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTNEY (even though i'm not 100% sure that you still read this piece of crap journal.)

OSU vs (4) LSU on sept 4th @ 3:30 pm on ESPN.

Even though this game might kill me, I'm still a Beaver believer bitches.

Watch out little duckies, the beavers are gonna get you this season.
Nothing to Worry About..Reader beware...this will be sappy/corny   
09:54am 25/08/2004
mood: calm
When I say that I have trust issues, it's nothing to do with you. You're like the innocent victim to a bad accident. I do trust you because I know that you would never do anything to purposly hurt me. The trust issues come from my past, but we've talked about the past enough to know that the past was nothing but one big mistake.

The truth of the matter is that I do love you. You've always been good to me, even when we were just friends.

I love spending time with you, cuddeling with you, falling asleep next to you, kissing you, hugging you, when you smile, the way you're so optimistic, how you can make me laugh, how you can make me feel better even when I don't think its possible, how you even carried my barf down the stairs when i was sick at your house, how you're willing to drive to Corvallis to see me, how you've learned from your mistakes in your past relatonships and have fixed them so our relationship can be that much stronger, how you always want to go out and do things with me instead of just sitting around (even though that can be fun sometimes.) How you get along with my parents and actually talk to them, how you're so strong in your beliefs, how you're so close with your family, how caring you are, your sensativity, when you deedle my arm, when you get excited over small things, how you dont get mad at me when i randomly fall asleep, how you dont get mad at me if i snore a little bit while i sleep, how you trust me, how you never judge me, when you give your opinions to me even though I might not agree with them...

I could keep going, but i'm sure that other people who read this journal don't care by this point...But, just know that I could make another list if I wanted to.

So believe me when I say this, I love you.

On another note...I really need to get back to school. All the talk shows that I watch are starting to be re-runs. That's a sure sign that I have too much time on my hands.
Let's see...   
10:54pm 22/08/2004
mood: exhausted
I have major trust issues. I wonder where those come from.
A thought   
05:44pm 18/08/2004
mood: contemplative
I know that you'll hate me for this, but I hope that she gets deported. It would be the best thing to ever happen to you. I say this because I love you and I see the influence that she's had on you. You've been a part of my life for eleven years and I love you.

If there is a God, please deport her.
Ouch man   
05:19pm 14/08/2004
mood: sore
I went to the doctor to get my annual exam out of the way and those bitch fucks gave me a tetanus shot. The shot itself didnt hurt, but good lord right afterwards pain shot all through my arm. Even today it's still tender.

I went shopping at Woodburn today and found a few things. I was really impressed. I shopped at Gap and banana republic and got a few things and only had to spend $60. I will have to keep that in mind next time I go there. I'm making an attempt to buy nicer things for this school year so I don't always look like such a slob.

I can't wait to cut my hair.
You give a bad name to all Germans   
10:32am 09/08/2004
mood: annoyed
Talking to Laura about things that went on this summer is like trying to communicate with a wall. She never really responds well to anything, but its so annoying because I hear her complain about Emily all the time and she agrees with everything that I say, but i know that its pointless. I seriously cant stand the situation. I just dont really plan on hanging out with Laura much anymore when she comes into town, which is sad. Eleven year friendship and this is what its come down too.

A good thing has happened...I have more hours at work finally. I'm working about five days a week for the next two weeks...BUT...It sucks that this finally is happening when Julie is coming home from Jew camp. I guess its alright though because I get off of work during pretty reasonable hours.

Yikes, i need to go shower. I feel dirty.
10:52pm 04/08/2004
mood: annoyed
I hate that commercial that shows a mountain and all this peaceful stuff...then suddenly this woman pops up and screams in the middle of the tv. I hate that commercial with a passion because it gets me every single time and makes my heart jump. Damn that woman and her commercial.
Cool and calmed   
12:55pm 03/08/2004
mood: full
I got my housing situation all figured out for next year. This makes me feel so much better. I had this huge fear that McNary central fucked me over because they had already lost my first contract. My new roommate's name is Jordan and i'm gonna be living in room 425. Chris will be living across from me. This should be fun but yet probably sometimes annoying seeing how about once a hour last year he would come by my room and bug me while i was trying to do stuff. I hope my hall kicks ass this year and isnt full of little bitch fucks like it was last year. I'm not holding back this year. I know my way around the campus, i know the ropes of the school, and i dont need to be shy anymore. It's going to be fun.

All during the school year i have to take at least 17-19 credit hours all three terms due to the fact of me slacking off during the first two terms of my freshman year. I liked taking 17 credit hours because it always kept me busy. It was a perfect amount of hours and it kept me going. It also made the time go by a lot faster.

I'm gonna go watch a special on Matthew Shepard.

yea,Collapse )
I'm scured   
09:57pm 31/07/2004
mood: scared
I hate when the commercial for the new exorcist movie comes on. It scares the shit out of me. I wish they would just stop with those movies already, or at least not show the commercials so late at night.

It's weird that I can watch these true crime shows about serial killers or wanted killers but i cant watch anything like the exorcist movies. That shit just freaks me out. Maybe its because I don't really know if anything like that could ever happen. I've heard of it happening, but it's not like a sure thing like serial killers. Who knows. That's just me trying to make sense of it all.

Random fact...
I hate when people race on the roads and get caught up in road rage. That's how an OSU student recently died. That's such a pointless way to die. Don't let your pride get the best of you.

11 days until Julie comes home. I for one am excited.
The house is empty   
09:20pm 27/07/2004
mood: content
I have way too much of an over active imagination. It's actually quiet frightening.

Last night wasn't so cool. I fell asleep barfing and woke up barfing. Wine isn't your friend the second time around, but it was fun while it lasted. That night made me realize how much I really do love Laura. Especially since when I was barfing she helped me out. She sent me to bed, gave me a pan to puke in (which thank god i didnt puke in it because my mom cooks dinner with it,)and she gave me some water. All I remember is that by the time I was done barfing for the night, my throat was on fire. Why does my stomach have to be so sensative?

I miss Julie a lot right now. I miss being able to just lay there and being able to talk for hours. I think that things like that are really valuable in a relationship. Those are the things that you miss after you break up with someone. Sure, the physical aspect is fun, but you can get that with anyone. It's the emotional and mental connection that counts.

So far this new taking back sunday CD is amazing.

I have almost every single light on in my house. That's how paranoid I am. I hope my parents dont mind the electric bill this month. I know i'm just being a baby, but why do i have to think of every scary movie, scary thoat, and scary image at a time like this? I would pay right now for some sleeping pills. Just knock me out until its light again outside.
It's too early   
08:11am 24/07/2004
mood: annoyed
At 8 am i was torn from my bed because the damn movers were here. I was thinkning to myself, "it's ok because at least I can sleep tonight on my new bed.'' WRONG. The fuckers forgot an important part to my bed so now i don't even have a bed again. What the fuck. ANGER. ANGER. ALL OVER. ANGER.
Well then   
11:06am 19/07/2004
mood: amused

what's YOUR deepest secret?
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Should I really be ashamed of this? I hate the little kids in my neighborhood. Get out of the road or you will be hit bitches.
Make Me Over   
12:50pm 18/07/2004
mood: happy
My room is being painted "creamy peach." I love it. I can't wait for my new furniture to come in because right now the only thing that's in my room is my bed and my couch. It's so empty. I'm excited to see how it all works out.

The beach trip was really fun. It was kind of weird...but fun. Things didn't turn out right, but it all worked out at the end. It turned out that Laura couldn't go. That was kind of a screwy situation because neither Brittney or I know what really was going on. On the way to the beach we saw this car accident which we stopped for because it happened right next to my side of the car. This man crashed into this mexican guy because the mexican guy didnt look at all before he turned. It all happened really fast, but no one was hurt.

It was good to see Julie at the beach, but I wish that brittney had a better time. She probably did feel like the third wheel, but i tried to not make her feel that way even though it's a natural feeling for that kind of situation. It would have been a lot better if Laura would have gone, but oh well.
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